First and foremost, we care about the quality of our products. This is why we dye, pluck, and trim all of our feathers in-house. Foxy Feathers™ began in the summer of 2010 and were one of the first Web sites to sell authentic “REAL” feather hair extensions. We have had a lot of practice in perfecting our colors, styles, and manufacturing of our feather hair extensions. You will never receive feathers that are broken, missing barbs, or contain other defects like these.


Rest assured that when you order from Foxy Feathers™ you receive only the highest quality product. We have received many reports from our customers telling us how they have gotten burned by buying feathers from other companies and receiving either cheap synthetic feathers or low quality, broken and inconsistent products. There are a lot of companies using pictures of real hackle feathers yet sending out cheap synthetics. You cannot style these synthetic feathers as they may melt into your hair and cause damage. Please beware of Web sites with pictures of real feathers, but small print descriptions that state their feathers are synthetic. Foxy Feathers™ uses top grade hackle feathers that can be washed and styled as desired. We also use other genuine non-hackle feathers that are clearly identified in our product descriptions such as those in our Hippie Chick selection.

Random Acts of Kindness

Our Random of Acts of Kindness program is my personal favorite. This is where we randomly pick people that order from us and send them free feathers! It is our way of saying “thank you” for choosing Foxy Feathers™. The whole reason we do this program is to spread kindness and we would love to hear how we inspired you to do the same.


No Waste! Foxy Feathers™ puts as many items in one package as possible. We do this to create less trash for planet Earth. If you order more than one item, it will most likely be grouped together in one package. This is also why we take the time to do every order custom and we do not pre-package just to save time. If any of our feathers come in that aren’t the quality we stand for, we don’t just throw them out. We trim them to our standards and use them for earrings.

Also, all of the models on our site are actual Foxy Feathers™ customers, family, friends, and employees. It is our goal to make everyone look beautiful.