If you try to buy more of an item that is available in our inventory the Web site will not let you. Please try reducing your order size until that item’s stock is replenished.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome
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Since the majority of our products are unique, we cannot replace items damaged in transit. Also, any shipping damage must be resolved with the shipping courier directly.

Due to the nature of our products and the limited availablility of feathers, all Foxy Feathers™ sales are final.

We recommend our 3mm microlinks for installing fewer than 6 feathers, however if you’re in a bind you can use the 4mm micro links. Just pull a little more hair in your hook during installation to compensate.

Please contact Foxy Feathers™ customer service for help using our contact form. All feather earrings come with your choice ear wire. Surgical steel being the most hypo-allergenic.

Sometimes feathers may “set” when being shipped. If feathers get bent from shipping, hair clips or sleep, just flat iron or wash them.

Foxy Feathers™ feather extensions may be washed and styled as desired.

You can do anything with your Foxy Feathers™ feather hair extensions that you can do with your natural hair such as shower, swim, etc.

We use USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation. Orders are mailed within 2 business days. US orders usually take 5-7 business days to arrive. Canada and International orders may take 10-21 business days depending on customs. We do not provide tracking.

We are only going to sell smalls in variety combinations due to availability.

Hmmm. Not sure how the birds would feel about that question. Foxy Feathers™ uses high quality feathers. Every single feather is inspected and trimmed before packaging. Out of respect to our feathered friends we don’t use the term “salon grade.”

We use current pricing from UPS and the United States Postal Service for shipping. We also include a small fee to cover packaging and handling. Foxy Feathers™ lets you pick and choose every order no matter how small so we customize every order. This takes time. Rather than force you to buy $150 of product (minimum) at a time, we feel that a nominal handling charge is worth the extra convenience. Our shipping is a flat rate per order. Whether you order one (1) item or twenty (20) your shipping will be the same rate based on your delivery location.

We have a three way system for checking orders before they go out. We get many emails where people end up finding their order. Packages may be stapled together sometimes to save trees. Our Variety’s come in envelopes. Please check your order slowly and thoroughly before contacting us. And make sure you don’t throw away micro links.

We made a decision to use our black and cream feathers only in our variety natural combinations such as Tiger and Sand. Colors will vary as supply changes.

It was getting too complicated trying to measure every feather. Sometimes there are three different Long’s. Sometimes, three different Medium’s., etc. Small’s range from 3-6 inches. Medium’s range from 7-9 inches. Long’s range from 9 1/2-12 inches.

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